100 Ton Mobile Hydraulic Puller,Vehicle- mounted 100 ton hydraulic gear puller with pump

Pulling Capacity: 100T
Quantity of Jaws: 2
Working Stroke: 250mm
Spread Range: 380-1220mm
Reach Range: 860-1060mm
Power Supply: 380V,50Hz

1. Automatic vehicle-mounted hydraulic gear puller adopts double acting hydraulic cylinder parts, with high efficiency in dismantling the work-piece.
2. Solenoid directional valve makes the operation more convenient.
3. Mainly used to dismantle the large shaft type or hole type work condition.
4. Move conveniently with the wheels, which also can be locked.
5. High strength alloy steel jaws are anti-skid, 50T type with 3 jaws, 100T and 200T type with 2 jaws, equipped with chains to improve safety.
6. The screw rod to adjust the height, easy for locating improving working efficiency.
7. Solenoid directional valve is used to control opening and closing of the jaws. Just need operating one button box to finish the pulling works(the liftng of the cylinder, the height adjustment of the puller, the opening and closing of the jaws)
8. Anti-skid grabbers design to avoid the workpieces slide away.
9. Two locking wheels on the vehicle to fix the the puller at site.

How to choose a appropriate hydraulic puller?
Measure the out diameter of the work piece,the tickness of the work piece,the diatance of the work piece in the shaft.
In case the working space is enough,it is much better to choose 3 jaws to get more reliable clamping force and more uniform pulling force.

Choose the puller with the appropriate specification.If the capacity of the puller already reached the max and the work piece doesn’t dismantle,please choose the puller with higher capacity.

Generally,the calculation of the pulling force as following,when the inner diameter of the work piece is 1 inch(25.4mm),the capacity of the puller should be 7-10 Ton.For example,if inner diameter of the work piece was 2 inch(50.8mm),the capacity should be 14-20T.

Model Working pressure Quantity of Jaws Cylinder Capacity T Working Stroke mm Spread(min-max) Reach(min-max) Centering Range (mm) Motor Power(KW) Voltage
50T 70 Mpa 3 50 300 100-1250 120-300 545-1100 0.75 380
100T 70 Mpa 2 100 250 380-1220 860-1060 310-915 2.2 380
200t 70 Mpa 2 200 330 203-1334 1100-1219 800-2134 2.2 380