Lifting tools high tonnage 1000 ton double acting hydraulic jack with oil pump

High pressure electric hydraulic jack is powered by ZB series of high pressure electric oil pump, the function for oil pressure rebound, overflow, it is designed a safe protect pressurizer, it can protect emergent over pressure, especial construction can protect jack. Hydraulic jack can bear partial loading is 5% of rated pressure. High pressure alloy cylinder is very durable, especially in the larger project, it is easily to be operated and control. It can be used for lifting heavy machine, bridge project, hydraulic engineering, harbour construction and other equipment. It has large output, light weight, remote control and other advantages, it can match with our high pressure oil pump, it can reach jack, push, pull and extrusion and kinds of working.

How to choose suitable hydraulic jack

1. If you need large capacity works and piston return, you could choose large tonnage double acting hydraulic jack (50-2000 tons).
2. You could choose double acting hollow jack when you need to go through pc strand, steel wire or anchors (50-2000 tons).
3. If you want to install jack on the some working platforms, you need a flange type hydraulic jack (10-630 tons).
4. Single acting hydraulic jack is used for smaller tonnage and stroke works (10-100 tons).
5. Matching with special tool to go through cable or rabar, you could choose single acting hydraulic hollow jack (12-100 tons).
6.Single acting hydraulic jack with lock nut can be used for long time keep pressure work site (55-200 tons).
7. Ultra thin hydraulic jack is used for narrow work space (10-200 tons).
8. Electric oil pump is matched with kinds of hydraulic jacks, it has double acting and single acting for options.
9. Hydraulic hand pump is also used for matching with hydraulic jack, clients don’t have requirement for work efficiency.

All the tonnage, stroke, height can be customized according to client’s requirements, supply the best quality and service.