Hydraulic component that supplies pressurized liquid to a hydraulic transmission and is a type of pump. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of a power machine (such as an electric motor and an internal combustion engine) into the pressure energy of a liquid. This hydraulic pump is equipped with other hydraulic tools can carry out lifting, pressure type, elbow, bending row, straightening, cutting, assembly, demolition and many other work. Reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.
Voltage Pressure
7 to 70Mpa
High-Voltage Flow
Low-Voltage Flow
Rotating Speed
1400 r/min
Oil Storing Quantity
7L(1.82 Gallon)

【High Rotating Speed】- 1400 r/min high working efficiency, complete more work in less time.
【Low Power】- 750 watt motor is more energy efficient, powerful, wide range of applications.
【Large Tank】- Can be loaded with up to 7L oil, large fuel tank capacity, electric hydraulic pump is faster and less laborious.
【Single Acting】- Single acting is more convenient and quick, more applicable.
【Working Pressure】- From 7Mpa to 70Mpa, you can try slowly and choose the right working pressure you need.

Operation Instruction

* Open the filler before use, the electric pump and power connections before oiling, then press down the black button which next
to the motor to open, press the manual operation switch (up), after a few air pressure, press the manual operation switch (down),
turn off the motor, connected to tubing. (The pressure should not exceed 70Mpa when air pressure, in order to avoid damage)
* The oil pump regular working temperature between 10℃~50℃,when find the oil temperature≥70 ℃ should stop using after continuous
working under high pressure, let it self-cooling before use.
* The pressure of the relief valve and safety valve have been set before the pump leave the factory, the user can not arbitrarily
increase the pressure,could only reduce it according to the actual working pressure, that can improve the life of the pump
* The motor must have reliable grounding.

Package Include:
* Package size: 14.2X11.0X19.7 inch (36X28X50 cm)
* Gross weight: 60.7 lb (27.5 kg)
* 1 X Hydraulic Pump
* 1 X Oil Hose
* 1 x Product Manual

This electric oil pump is composed of three-phase asynchronous motor, high-pressure oil pump and fuel tank. It has the advantages
of small size, high pressure, light weight, simple structure and easy to use. The pump is equipped with pressure gauge so as to
observe the pressure when the pump is working at any time. so that users can observe the work of changes at any time. Foot switch
can be configured according to user needs.

1. The pump can be used for a variety of hydraulic equipments.
2. If the pump is equipped with other hydraulic tools, it can work on several assignments such as lifting, pressing, bending,
straightening, cutting, assembly and disassembly. Reduce manual work and maximize work efficiency.

Operation method:
When using, you should open the import and export of hand wheel, plug in the power supply, and connect the quick joint of pump to
the quick joint of the equipped hydraulic tool. Press the power switch to turn on the power, after the motor rotates for 1-2
minutes, you should close the oil hand wheel, and place the pump in the supercharged state. At this time, with the increase of the
load the output hydraulic oil is of self pressurization to carry out the work until 63MPA.
After the work is finished, you should open the oil hand wheel. When the hydraulic oil is over, remove the quick joint cover, turn
on the air release nut, and turn off the power supply.

1. The pump uses the 15# OR 46# hydraulic oil.
2. Oil storage capacity must be above oil immersion lens.
3. Each time refueling oil, you must use more than 80 mesh oil filter. It is needed to clean the fuel tank, and oil change period
of six months.
4. Oil temperature ranges form 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius during working.
5. Open the oil hand wheel before starting the electric pump, placed in unloading position.
6. If the motor temperature is too high, you should stop it. After it is self-cooling, you can use it again.
7. The pump has been adjusted before ex-factory. No need to readjust. Readjustment must be carried out by means of a pressure
8. High pressure oil pipe has been tested under the pressure of 105MPA before ex-factory. But the user should often check it
because of hose aging. Generally used for six months, frequently used for three months.
9. The bearing should be cleaned every six months, and you should add grease when the bearing is assembled.