Split Type Hydraulic Flange Spreaders

The split type hydraulic flange spreaders widely apply to petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power, paper mills and other industries, which are the most secure and ideal special hydraulic tools for liquid, gas transmission pipeline maintenance
The design of the first step with interlocking, makes flange spreaders’ work safer and simpler.


Maximum spread can reach 65mm.
The stepped blocks radius is 150mm, which can effectively get close to flange, so that each step can bear maximum load.
The stepped blocks with forged alloy steel material, have longer life.
Lightweight reinforced plastic steel handle design, convenient to carry.
Unique interlocking structure, makes the spreader close to flange and avoid over spread when it is opende; and the hydraulic cylinder is automatic return when it is closed.

Hydraulic flange spreader

Unique internal locking mechanism to ensure that the separating plate is close to the flange when opened,and will not expand excessively,and the cylinder automatically returns when closed.

Mechanical flange spreader

The minimum separation gap is only 6 mm
Maximum separation amount up to 60mm
Mechanical automatic retracting design

Integral hydraulic flange spreader

Integral design,no need to connect manual hydraulic pump for oil supply.more convenient to use.