The hydraulic vertical lifting wedge spreader is suitable for narrow space, using for lifting and adjustable of large devices, providing lifting force up to 36 Ton, designed for vertical lifting or lowering.


-Requires very small access gap of only 9.5mm.
-Each lifting wedge includes a piece safety block.
-The lifting wedge generally works in pairs or several pieces and works  efficiency.
-Single-acting, spring return cylinder,
-Vertical lifting, large machinery installation, factory building maintenance, mechanical calibration, combination with the tackle is possible.
-19mm lifting height of each step, single acting hydraulic cylinder, 18 ton lifting force, mechanical automatic return, interlocking first step, no environment pollution.
-Each step can spread under full load.
-Suggest using two or more units at the same time, more efficient and safer.

Yuhuan Guangshou Metal Factory is a manufacturer engaged in design and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders (capacity covers from 10- 1000 tons), synchronous PLC hydraulic system, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic torque wrenches, and electric torque wrenches, and hydraulic components.

Guangshou Metal Factory successfully become OEM manufacturer for Enerpac, Titan and our factory has been approved by CE, ISO9001:2008 consecutively.

Our customers includes :China Petroleum, Baosteel, Sinopec, China State Grid, Jiangnan Shipyards, Sany Group, China Railway Construction Corporation.

The synchronous PLC hydraulic system had played a great role in the China high-speed railway constructions. In 2011, our sales revenue reached 10 million USD, making us one of the leaders in the Chinese hydraulic cylinders market especially in the extra-high hydraulic cylinders for industrial area and construction field.

Technical Data

Model Capacity


Inserting Clearance


Lifting Height at First Stage


Lifting Height at Second Stage


Max. Lifting Distance




VLW18TE 18 9.5 9.25-29.5 30.5-51.5 67.5 9.6