How to use hydraulic jack safely?

  • when the hydraulic jack is used, the bottom should be flat and tough. Oil free wood panels to expand the pressure surface, to ensure safety. Iron can not be used instead of planks to prevent sliding.
  • when lifting requires a smooth, heavy load slightly to check whether there is any abnormal situation, if there is no abnormal circumstances to continue jacking. Do not arbitrarily lengthen handle or excessive operation.
  • without overloading or exceeding height. When the sleeve appears red line, indicating that has reached the rated height, should stop lifting.
  • when several hydraulic jacks work at the same time, they should be directed by someone to make the lifting or falling simultaneously. Two adjacent hydraulic jacks shall be supported with wooden blocks to ensure that the gap is secured against sliding.
  • when using hydraulic jack, always pay attention to the sealing part and pipe joint part, and must ensure its safety and reliability.
  • hydraulic jacks are not suitable for sites where acids, alkalis, or corrosive gases are applied.