Hydraulic Flange Spreader 14 ton Capacity 10,000 psi

Hydraulic flange spreader feature an integrated wedge concept: Friction-free, smooth and parallel wedge movement eliminates flange damage and spreading arm failure

For maintenance, commissioning, shutdowns, testing and valve change outs

Unique interlocking wedge design – no first step bending and risk of slipping out of joint

Requires very small access gap of only 6 mm

Stepped spreader arm design – each step can spread under full load

Few moving parts mean durability and low maintenance

We also supply below hydraulic tools:

Hydraulic cylinder jacks (5-1500ton), single double acting, hollow plunger; low height, lock nut;

Hydraulic/Manual/Electric/Air torque wrenches,(100-72000Nm);

Hydraulic lifting pumps, manual and electric hydraulic pump;

Hydraulic pullers, manual and hydraulic ;

Hydraulic flange spreader, manual and hydraulic ;

Hydraulic steel wire rope press machine

Hydraulic accessories

Hydraulic Flange Spreader 14 ton Capacity 10,000 psi