Hydraulic terminal crimping tool

The hand-operated hydraulic crimping tools are capable of pressing Cu/AI cable terminals and be widely used in power transmission and ditribution project.

1. Features

-Fast advancing speed for rapid approach of the blades to the connector and slower more powerful speed for cutting.

-The head could be rotated at 180° freely for narrow space working

-The tool is provided with full automatic reaction when crimping complete, it can save the time of manual pressure release

-High strength aluminum alloy and prevent-slip handle

2. Parameters

Product Model YQ-70
Range of Application 4-70 MM2
Crimping Force 6 Ton
Length Size 310 MM
Standard Dies 4/6/10/16/25/35/50/70 MM2
Weight 2.5 Kgs

Model Range of Application Crimping Force  Length Size Stroke Weight
YQK-70 4-70 MM2 6 Ton 310 MM 10 MM 2.5Kg
YQK-120A 10-120 MM2 8 Ton 410 MM 13 MM 4.8Kg
YQK-240A 10-240 MM2 8 Ton 475 MM 16 MM 4.8Kg
YQK-300A 10-300 MM2 8 Ton 475 MM 16 MM 6.4Kg
EP-410 35-300 MM2 12 Ton 755 MM 30 MM 6.6Kg
EP-430 35-400 MM2 12 Ton 610 MM 32 MM 6.4Kg
hydraulic terminal crimping tool