Power source of this pump is compressed air to achieve the linear output of the super high pressure.Easy, safe and reliable in operation. Can be matched with many super high pressure hydraulic tools,like bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts, supper high pressure nut splitters etc.
Driving air pressure: 6-8 Bar, air control system includes filter, hydraulic control valve, flow control valve, stainless steel pressure gauge. The diameter of the gauge is 10Omm and is silicone oil filledfor quake proof purpose.


Model Working Pressure


Pressure Increase Raio Output Flow (L/Min)  Oil Tank Volume (cm3) Input Gas Pressure Gas Input Dimension(mm)
QDB-200 200 250 0.2 4.5 8 NPT1/2 600*460*500
QDB-250 250 400 0.13 4.5 6.5 NPT1/2 600*460*500