Project Description

The double-acting design of this hydraulic cylinder ensures efficient and precise operation. In a double-acting cylinder, hydraulic pressure is used to extend and retract the piston rod, providing power in both directions. This design allows for greater control over movements, enabling precise positioning and smooth operation. The double-acting feature enhances the overall performance and versatility of this hydraulic cylinder, making it suitable for applications that require bidirectional force and precise control.

General-Purpose Applications

The 250-ton capacity, 300mm stroke, double-acting general-purpose hydraulic cylinder finds application in a wide range of industries. Some notable uses include:

Heavy Lifting: From construction sites to material handling operations, this hydraulic cylinder excels in lifting and transporting heavy loads with ease and precision.

Pressing and Forming: In the manufacturing sector, this cylinder’s substantial capacity and stroke length make it suitable for applications such as pressing, bending, and forming operations.

Construction and Infrastructure: The hydraulic cylinder is utilized in construction equipment such as excavators, cranes, and bulldozers, providing the necessary force for various construction tasks.

Manufacturing and Assembly: In industries ranging from automotive to aerospace, this hydraulic cylinder is employed in assembly lines, robotics, and other manufacturing processes that require controlled movement and force.


Investing in the 250-ton capacity, 300mm stroke, double-acting general-purpose hydraulic cylinder offers several benefits:

Increased Productivity: The high capacity and extended stroke length of this hydraulic cylinder enable it to handle heavy tasks efficiently, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced downtime.

Versatility and Adaptability: With its ability to perform various tasks and accommodate different movements, this hydraulic cylinder provides versatility and adaptability to meet the changing needs of industrial applications.

Precise Control: The double-acting design allows for bidirectional force and precise control over movements, ensuring accurate positioning and smooth operation.

Reliability and Durability: Built to withstand demanding conditions, this hydraulic cylinder offers reliability and durability, providing long-term performance and reducing maintenance costs.


The 250-ton capacity, 300mm stroke, double-acting general-purpose hydraulic cylinder embodies versatility, reliability, and performance in industrial operations. With its substantial capacity, extended stroke length, and double-acting design, this hydraulic cylinder empowers machinery to tackle diverse tasks with precision and efficiency. From heavy lifting to pressing and forming operations, this hydraulic cylinder serves as a reliable partner across a multitude of industries. By investing in this general-purpose hydraulic cylinder, industries unlock the potential for increased productivity, versatility, and precision, propelling their operations towards success.