Project Description

Introducing Our 30 Ton Capacity, 53mm Stroke, Single Acting Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder:

Embark on a Journey of Versatility and Power with our 30 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder. Engineered with a 53mm stroke, this hydraulic marvel is designed to excel in applications demanding extended reach and precision.

Key Features:

Unparalleled Capacity: Engineered to effortlessly manage loads of up to 30 tons, our telescopic hydraulic cylinder brings remarkable strength to your industrial operations.

Dynamic Stroke Length: With a generous 53mm stroke, this cylinder offers the perfect balance between reach and control, ideal for tasks that require intricate positioning.

Single Acting Efficiency: Designed for single-acting operation, our hydraulic cylinder expertly applies force in one direction while employing external assistance for retraction.

Telescopic Flexibility: The telescopic design empowers you with enhanced reach and adaptability, making it an essential tool for applications requiring extended lifting or positioning.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, our hydraulic cylinder guarantees longevity and resilience, ensuring consistent performance in demanding industrial environments.


Construction: Perfect for lifting beams, supporting structures, and facilitating tasks that require extended reach.
Material Handling: Essential for loading and unloading heavy materials or equipment in varied industrial settings.
Manufacturing: An ideal choice for precision assembly, machinery positioning, and intricate lifting operations.
Automotive: A reliable tool for vehicle maintenance, offering the necessary reach for intricate repairs and adjustments.
Mining: Essential in mining operations where extended reach and controlled force application are critical.
Why Choose Our Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder:

30-Ton Capability: Powerful lifting capacity for a wide range of industrial tasks.
53mm Stroke Precision: Extended stroke length for enhanced reach and positioning accuracy.
Single Acting Excellence: Focused force application for optimum efficiency.
Telescopic Adaptability: Versatile design for tasks requiring extended reach and dynamic positioning.
Built to Last: Crafted to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial environments.
Elevate your industrial operations with our 30 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder. This engineering marvel is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative hydraulic solutions for your diverse needs. Trust in its power, rely on its reach, and experience unparalleled versatility.

Embark on new possibilities today – harness the capabilities of innovation with our 30 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder.