Project Description

When it comes to hydraulic applications requiring immense force and precise control, the 50 Ton Capacity, 300mm Stroke, Double Acting Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders are the ultimate solution. These robust cylinders are designed to handle heavy loads with ease while providing precise movements and enhanced safety. With their high load capacity, extended stroke length, and advanced lock nut mechanism, these cylinders offer a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of hydraulic operations.

Unmatched Power and Load Capacity:

With an impressive 50-ton capacity, these hydraulic cylinders exhibit exceptional force, enabling them to handle heavy loads effortlessly. Whether it’s lifting, pushing, or pulling, these cylinders provide the power needed to tackle demanding tasks with confidence. The high load capacity ensures stability and reliability, making them suitable for even the most challenging applications.

Extended Stroke Length for Precision:

Featuring a generous 300mm stroke length, these hydraulic cylinders allow for precise and controlled movements. The extended stroke provides ample room for accurate positioning, making it ideal for applications that require precise control and extended reach. From fine-tuning the position of machinery to executing intricate movements in industrial processes, these cylinders offer the precision required for successful hydraulic operations.

Enhanced Safety and Stability:

Safety is of utmost importance in hydraulic systems, and the double-acting lock nut mechanism integrated into these cylinders ensures a high level of safety during operation. The lock nut mechanism securely locks the cylinder in position, preventing unintended movement or loss of pressure. This additional safety feature provides peace of mind and promotes overall operational security, minimizing the risk of accidents and improving workplace safety.

Versatile and Reliable Performance:

These hydraulic cylinders offer versatility and adaptability across various applications. Whether it’s in construction, manufacturing, material handling, or other industries, they provide reliable performance in diverse environments. Their compatibility with existing hydraulic systems makes them a valuable addition, seamlessly integrating into operations and enhancing productivity.

Built to Last:

Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, these hydraulic cylinders are built to withstand rigorous working conditions. Their durability and reliability minimize downtime and maintenance requirements, ensuring consistent performance over an extended period. With proper care and maintenance, these cylinders will continue to deliver optimal results for years to come.


The 50 Ton Capacity, 300mm Stroke, Double Acting Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders offer a perfect balance of power, precision, and safety. With their robust construction, extended stroke length, and advanced lock nut mechanism, they provide a reliable solution for various hydraulic applications. Upgrade your hydraulic system and experience the unmatched force, precise control, and enhanced safety provided by these exceptional hydraulic cylinders.