Project Description

In the realm of heavy-duty machinery and industrial applications, there exists a hydraulic marvel that embodies sheer strength and efficiency – the 600-ton capacity, 150mm stroke, single-acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder. With its robust capacity, compact stroke length, and single-acting design, this hydraulic cylinder stands tall as a testament to power and precision. In this article, we embark on a captivating journey to explore the features, applications, and advantages of this high tonnage hydraulic cylinder.

Harnessing Impressive Power

At the heart of the 600-ton capacity, 150mm stroke, single-acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder lies its remarkable ability to unleash impressive power. Engineered to handle heavy loads and demanding tasks, this hydraulic cylinder exerts its substantial 600-ton capacity with unrivaled force. Whether it’s lifting, pressing, pushing, or pulling, this hydraulic marvel delivers unmatched strength, making it an indispensable asset across industries such as construction, mining, metalworking, and heavy manufacturing.

Compact Stroke Length

One notable attribute of this hydraulic cylinder is its compact stroke length of 150mm. The stroke length refers to the maximum linear movement achievable by the cylinder. With a shorter stroke, this hydraulic wonder offers precise control and operational efficiency in applications that demand smaller movements or operate in confined spaces. Its compact stroke length enables impeccable maneuverability and optimal utilization of available space, making it an ideal choice for tasks that require precision in limited environments.

Single-Acting Design

The single-acting design of this hydraulic cylinder accentuates its simplicity and efficiency. Operating on hydraulic pressure to extend the piston rod, while relying on an external force like gravity or a spring for retraction, this design minimizes complexity and streamlines the hydraulic system. This simplicity translates into straightforward operation, simplified maintenance, and efficient repairs. The single-acting design embodies the essence of efficiency, making this hydraulic cylinder a reliable and cost-effective solution.

High Tonnage Capability

As a high tonnage hydraulic cylinder, this hydraulic masterpiece is purpose-built to withstand and exert substantial force. With its impressive 600-ton capacity, it serves as a robust solution for applications that demand significant power. Be it heavy lifting, precise pressing, or demanding pushing tasks, this hydraulic cylinder excels in delivering exceptional performance and unwavering reliability.


The 600-ton capacity, 150mm stroke, single-acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder finds its prowess harnessed across a wide spectrum of industries. Notable applications include:

Heavy Lifting: From construction sites to material handling operations, this hydraulic cylinder proves its mettle in lifting and transporting heavy loads with precision and finesse.

Pressing and Forming: In the realm of metalworking and manufacturing, this cylinder’s high tonnage capacity makes it a perfect choice for applications involving pressing, punching, and forming operations.

Mining and Extraction: With its robust construction, this hydraulic cylinder is ideally suited for demanding mining and extraction tasks, including rock crushing, drilling, and excavating operations.

Heavy Manufacturing: Industries such as steel fabrication, shipbuilding, and automotive manufacturing rely on this hydraulic cylinder for a multitude of heavy-duty operations, including assembly, fabrication, and component manipulation.


Investing in the 600-ton capacity, 150mm stroke, single-acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder brings forth numerous advantages:

Power and Efficiency: The substantial tonnage capacity combined with the compact stroke length allows for efficient execution of heavy-duty tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing operational time.

Compact Design: The compact stroke length enables optimal space utilization, making this hydraulic cylinder well-suited for applications with limited space or confined environments.

Simplified Operation: The single-acting design simplifies operation and maintenance, resulting in ease of handling and reduced downtime.

Reliability: Engineered for high tonnage applications, this hydraulic cylinder offers durability and long-term reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding industrial environments.


The 600-ton capacity, 150mm stroke, single-acting high tonnage hydraulic cylinder emerges as a pinnacle of power and precision in heavy-duty industrial operations. With its impressive strength, compact stroke length, and efficient design, this hydraulic cylinder empowers industries to execute tasks with utmost accuracy and control. From heavy lifting to pressing and forming operations, this hydraulic cylinder proves invaluable across various sectors. By embracing the potential of this high tonnage hydraulic cylinder, industries unlock unprecedented power and efficiency, propelling their operations towards enhanced productivity and unparalleled performance.