Steps to bleed air out of a hydraulic hand pump

Locate the bleeder valve: The bleeder valve is typically located on the pump or the hydraulic system, and it is usually a small valve that can be opened and closed.

Prepare the pump: Before bleeding the air, make sure the pump is properly primed with hydraulic fluid.

Open the bleeder valve: Open the bleeder valve by turning it counterclockwise with a wrench or pliers. This will allow air to escape from the hydraulic system.

Pump the handle: Pump the handle of the hydraulic hand pump several times to force the air out of the system. You should see fluid come out of the bleeder valve.

Close the bleeder valve: Once you have pumped the handle several times, close the bleeder valve by turning it clockwise with a wrench or pliers.

Repeat as necessary: Repeat the process of opening the bleeder valve, pumping the handle, and closing the bleeder valve as necessary until all the air is removed from the hydraulic system.

Check for leaks: After bleeding the air out of the hydraulic system, check for leaks around the pump and any hydraulic components to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

It is important to note that bleeding air out of a hydraulic system is necessary to ensure proper functioning and prevent damage to the system.