Tips in selection of hydraulic cylinder

Lifting Force Solution
Always choose a cylinder with extra 20%-30% more capacity than required.
Please use hydraulic cylinder with sufficient lifting margin when combined to use several cylinders, may cause uneven load.

Stroke Solution
Please use cylinders with sufficient stroke margin.

Return-stroke Function
Single Acting hydraulic ram
Spring return: Piston rod retracts by built-in spring.When single acting hydraulic rams are used horizontally or the front end of the piston rod is provided with an accessories,it will result in difficult return or no return.

Load Return: No spring.To get the piston rod return,there is a external force.

Return speeds of above two return ways may be not same.No pulling force,the two types of cylinders can not be used to pull road.

Double Acting hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic return: chose when pulling force is necessary.Faster return can be achieved by hydraulic.

Used when reverse,horizontal use or front end of piston rod is provided with a subsidiary part.

Pulling force is about 1/2 the lifting force.Please confirm with our sales engineer.

Working Speed Range
Capacity of cylinder and flow of pump station is different,the speed of the cylinder is also different.

Please consult or sales engineer about specific speed.

Use Environment
Please use when ambient temperature is within 20 -40 degree.
Cylinder sealing ring used when ambient temperature is within -25 degree-+80 degree.

Allowable Transverse Load
When cylinder takes all the load,please noted that do not add oblique load and impact load,allowed transverse load.Do not exceed 5% lifting load.

Lifting Direction
Cylinder can be used vertically,horizontally,obliquely,reversely,but must add load to the piston rod vertically.