Longood’s hydraulic flange spreader set finds widespread use across various industrial applications, including:

Pipeline maintenance and construction
Testing and flange replacement
Maintenance of gaskets and pressure vessels
Cylinder head opening and power plant maintenance
Bearing disassembly and oil drilling operations
Motor rotor disassembly and offshore platform maintenance
Jacking work, shipbuilding, and industrial equipment maintenance
Horizontal movement of workpieces in manufacturing processes

The Longood 14 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader Set offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for industrial maintenance tasks. With its complete set of components, integrated wedge design, unique interlocking wedge design, compact access requirement, stepped spreader arm design, and high-quality material construction, this spreader set streamlines maintenance operations and ensures optimal performance across diverse industrial sectors. Whether you’re working on pipelines, pressure vessels, power plants, or offshore platforms, Longood’s hydraulic flange spreader set provides the reliability and efficiency needed to get the job done effectively.