The RCH Series is a specialized line of hydraulic cylinders featuring a spring return mechanism and a unique hollow piston rod design. This design allows for the insertion of a rod or cable through the entire body length, enabling versatile applications such as tensioning, load testing, bush extracting, and various maintenance tasks. Here are the key features and applications of the RCH Series:

Key Features:

Spring Return Hollow Piston Rod Cylinder: The RCH Series is designed with a spring return mechanism, ensuring the piston retracts automatically when hydraulic pressure is released. This feature enhances efficiency and simplifies the operation of the cylinder.

Hollow Piston Rod Design: The hollow piston rod extends through the entire body length, providing a conduit for a rod or cable. This unique design allows for versatile applications where components or materials need to be pulled or tensioned through the cylinder.

Applications in Tensioning and Load Testing: The RCH Series is well-suited for tasks involving tensioning and load testing. The hollow piston rod facilitates the use of cables or rods to apply tension or test the load-bearing capacity of structures or components.

Bush Extracting and Maintenance Applications: These cylinders find utility in bush extracting applications, where the hollow piston rod can be employed to extract bushings. Additionally, they are suitable for various maintenance tasks that require controlled force and versatile functionality.

Corrosion-Resistant Construction: Similar to other high-quality hydraulic cylinders, the RCH Series features a hard chrome cylinder bore and piston rod. This construction ensures maximum corrosion resistance, enhancing the longevity and durability of the cylinder.

Bronze Overlay Piston Bearing Area: The piston bearing area is overlaid with bronze to reduce scoring and friction during operation. This design feature contributes to the overall smooth and reliable performance of the cylinder.

The RCH Series stands out as a specialized solution for applications that benefit from the unique advantages of a hollow piston rod. Whether it’s tensioning, load testing, or maintenance tasks, the versatility of this series makes it a valuable component in industrial settings. As with any hydraulic equipment, it is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines, conduct regular maintenance, and prioritize safety protocols for optimal performance and safety.