The CLP Series cylinder is a compact and specialized design that incorporates a threaded piston rod and lock ring. This unique feature allows for the mechanical holding of loads for extended periods when the lock ring is screwed down and engaged with the cylinder body. The design also enables the removal of hoses and pumps until lowering is required, adding to the versatility of the cylinder. The CLP Series is particularly well-suited for bridge construction and maintenance applications. Here are the key features of the CLP Series:

Key Features:

  1. Threaded Piston Rod and Lock Ring Design: The CLP Series is characterized by a threaded piston rod and lock ring, providing a mechanism for secure mechanical load holding. This design ensures stability and safety in applications where loads need to be held for extended periods.

  2. Compact Design: The CLP Series features a compact design, making it suitable for applications with space constraints. The compact size enhances maneuverability and allows for use in confined spaces.

  3. Versatile Load-Holding Capability: The ability to mechanically hold loads for extended periods, coupled with the option to remove hoses and pumps until lowering is required, adds versatility to the CLP Series. This feature is advantageous in scenarios where flexibility is needed.

  4. Ideal for Bridge Construction and Maintenance: The cylinder is ideally suited for bridge construction and maintenance applications, where the need for stable load holding and maneuverability is crucial.

  5. Hard Chrome Bore: All CLP-Series cylinders feature a hard chrome bore, providing maximum corrosion resistance. This construction ensures the durability of the cylinder in diverse environmental conditions.

The CLP Series presents a solution that combines mechanical load holding with a compact design, offering flexibility and reliability in bridge construction and maintenance tasks. As with any hydraulic equipment, adherence to our guidelines, regular maintenance, and strict safety protocols are essential for optimal performance and safety in industrial applications.