A long stroke double-acting hydraulic cylinder is a type of hydraulic actuator that utilizes hydraulic pressure to generate linear motion in both directions. Here are some key characteristics and features typically associated with such cylinders:

Long Stroke: These cylinders are designed to have a longer stroke length compared to standard cylinders. The extended stroke allows them to move over a greater distance, making them suitable for applications where a longer range of motion is required.

Double-Acting: Double-acting cylinders operate in both directions, meaning hydraulic pressure can be applied to extend and retract the piston rod. This provides flexibility in controlling the movement of the load and allows for precise positioning.

Hydraulic Power: These cylinders rely on hydraulic fluid to generate force. When hydraulic pressure is applied to one side of the piston, it extends the rod, and when pressure is applied to the other side, it retracts the rod.

Various Mounting Options: Long stroke double-acting cylinders are available with different mounting options to suit various applications. Common mounting styles include flange, clevis, trunnion, and foot mounts.

High-Quality Construction: They are typically constructed from high-strength materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand high pressures and loads. The components are often precision-machined for durability and reliability.

Seals and Bearings: To ensure smooth operation and prevent leakage, these cylinders are equipped with high-quality seals and bearings. This helps to maintain hydraulic pressure and extend the service life of the cylinder.

Versatile Applications: Long stroke double-acting hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, material handling, and more. They are commonly found in hydraulic presses, lifting equipment, construction machinery, and industrial automation systems.

Customization Options: Manufacturers often offer customization options for these cylinders to meet specific requirements, such as different rod diameters, stroke lengths, mounting configurations, and pressure ratings.

Overall, long stroke double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide efficient and reliable power transmission for a variety of industrial applications, offering precise control, high performance, and durability.