The characteristics and applications of each type of 30 ton cylinder (ram):

30 Ton Hollow Plunger Rams:

Characteristics: These rams feature a hollow plunger design, enabling them to perform both pushing and pulling operations effectively. They offer versatility and are suitable for applications requiring through-hole functionality.
Applications: Commonly utilized in tasks such as tensioning cables, pulling rods, and various industrial applications where flexibility in both pushing and pulling tasks is necessary.
30 Ton Lightweight Rams:

Characteristics: Engineered with lightweight materials without compromising strength and durability. These rams are designed for portability and ease of handling.
Applications: Ideal for fieldwork, remote locations, and situations where mobility is essential. They are well-suited for lifting, pushing, and pulling tasks across various industries.
30 Ton Lock Nut Rams:

Characteristics: Equipped with a locking mechanism on the rod end, ensuring secure load retention once lifted or pushed to the desired height. This feature enhances safety and stability during operations.
Applications: Particularly suitable for tasks requiring precision and safety, such as heavy machinery maintenance, structural assembly, and positioning applications.
30 Ton Low Height Rams:

Characteristics: Designed with a compact profile and shorter stroke length to fit into tight spaces or applications with limited clearance.
Applications: Used in confined environments where standard-sized rams may not fit, such as under machinery, within narrow openings, or in tight construction spaces.
30 Ton Pull Rams:

Characteristics: Specifically engineered for pulling operations, allowing users to apply linear force to move or position heavy objects effectively.
Applications: Widely employed in vehicle recovery, machinery relocation, structural repair, and other applications requiring the extraction or displacement of heavy loads.
30 Ton Telescopic Rams:

Characteristics: Feature multiple stages that can extend and retract, providing variable stroke lengths and increased versatility.
Applications: Suitable for applications requiring adjustable stroke lengths or a longer reach, offering flexibility in lifting, pushing, or pulling tasks across various industries.
Each type of ram is meticulously designed to meet specific requirements and preferences, providing tailored solutions for diverse industrial applications. Whether it’s versatility, lightweight portability, precise locking capabilities, compact size, pulling functionality, or adjustable stroke lengths you need, there’s a 30-ton ram perfectly suited for your application.