Single Acting Aluminum Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders, as represented by the RACL Series, are specialized hydraulic actuators designed for applications that require secure and prolonged load holding. Here are key features and specifications of the RACL-Series:

Threaded Piston Rod and Lock Ring Design: The RACL-Series is characterized by a design that incorporates a threaded piston rod and a lock ring. When the lock ring is screwed down and engaged with the cylinder body, it provides a mechanical means to hold the load securely for extended periods.

Extended Load Holding Capability: The lock nut mechanism allows for the extended mechanical holding of loads, making these cylinders suitable for applications where sustained load support is required. This feature is particularly advantageous in scenarios such as bridge construction, maintenance, and jacking applications.

Ideal for Bridge Construction and Maintenance: The RACL-Series cylinders are specifically well-suited for bridge construction and maintenance tasks. The ability to securely hold loads over extended periods enhances safety and stability in these applications.

Hard Chrome Bore for Corrosion Resistance: The cylinders in the RACL-Series feature a hard chrome bore. This construction not only provides maximum corrosion resistance but also contributes to the overall durability of the cylinders, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

Versatility in Jacking Applications: The design and load-holding capability of the RACL-Series make these cylinders versatile for use in jacking applications. The secure mechanical holding of loads is crucial in scenarios where safety and stability are paramount.

Durable Aluminum Construction: The use of aluminum in the construction of these cylinders provides a balance of strength and lightness. Aluminum’s resistance to corrosion is advantageous in environments where exposure to elements may occur.

Ease of Operation: The threaded piston rod and lock ring design facilitate ease of operation when engaging and disengaging the load-holding mechanism. This feature contributes to the practicality and efficiency of the cylinders in various applications.

The RACL-Series combines the benefits of a threaded piston rod, lock nut mechanism, and durable aluminum construction to provide a reliable solution for applications requiring secure and extended load holding. These cylinders play a critical role in ensuring safety and stability in bridge construction, maintenance, and jacking applications. As with any hydraulic equipment, users should follow LONGLOOD guidelines, conduct regular maintenance, and prioritize safety practices during operation.

feature a hard chrome bore for maximum corrosion