Single Acting Hydraulic Pull Cylinders are hydraulic actuators designed to provide significant pulling force in various applications. Here are the key features and specifications of these cylinders:

Single-Acting Design: The hydraulic pull cylinders are engineered with a single-acting design, allowing hydraulic pressure to be applied in one direction to extend the cylinder and generate a pulling force. The return stroke is typically accomplished by an external force, such as the load being pulled.

Replaceable Clevis Eye: Each pull cylinder is equipped with a replaceable clevis eye. The clevis eye provides a secure attachment point for connecting the cylinder to the load or the object being pulled. The replaceable feature enhances the versatility and longevity of the cylinder.

Wide Pulling Capacity Range: The pull cylinders are available in a range of pulling capacities, spanning from 2.5 tons to 50 tons. This variety allows users to select the appropriate cylinder based on the specific pulling force requirements of their applications.

Specialized for Pulling Applications: These cylinders are specifically designed for applications that demand a large pulling force. Common uses include tensioning tasks and pulling heavy loads where a controlled and powerful pulling action is required.

Versatility in Tensioning and Pulling: The hydraulic pull cylinders find wide application in tensioning and pulling scenarios. They are suitable for tasks that involve applying force to pull objects together or tensioning components within a system.

Reliable Hydraulic Force: The single-acting design ensures reliable hydraulic force generation, making these cylinders effective in achieving controlled and precise pulling actions. This is particularly important in applications where accuracy and safety are paramount.

Widespread Industrial Use: Hydraulic pull cylinders are utilized across various industries for tasks such as assembly line tensioning, cable and wire pulling, and other applications where a substantial pulling force is required.

Compact and Portable: The design of these pull cylinders allows for compact and portable use. This feature is advantageous in situations where mobility and flexibility are essential for the pulling task at hand.

The Single Acting Hydraulic Pull Cylinders offered in this range cater to a spectrum of industrial pulling applications, providing a reliable and controlled means of exerting significant pulling force. As with any hydraulic equipment, users should adhere to LONGLOOD guidelines, perform regular maintenance, and prioritize safety practices during operation.