The Split Hydraulic Three-Jaw Puller is a user-friendly and versatile tool designed to streamline pulling operations. Here’s a detailed overview of its features:

Practical Design: With its self-centering mechanism and effortless conversion between 2- or 3-arm configurations, this puller ensures practicality and adaptability for various pulling tasks. The synchronized movement of the arms facilitates smooth operation.

Safety Assurance: Equipped with arms that never deflect, this puller guarantees safe usage, even under high pulling forces. This feature enhances user safety and minimizes the risk of accidents, providing peace of mind during operation.

Economical Solution: Offering the functionality of two pullers at the cost of one, this 2/3-arm combination puller is a cost-effective choice. Users can enjoy the benefits of multiple configurations without the need for additional tools, maximizing efficiency and savings.

Strength and Durability: The puller’s gripping strength increases with the pulling force, ensuring a secure hold on the object being pulled. Additionally, the arms are designed to resist bending or deflecting, enhancing durability and reliability in demanding applications.

Versatility: Accessory sets tailored for 5 and 50-ton pullers expand the tool’s versatility, allowing it to tackle a wider range of tasks. Whether it’s for light-duty or heavy-duty applications, this puller offers adaptability to suit various needs.

Advantages of Self-Centering Pullers: Self-centering pullers prevent damage to both the shaft and the object being pulled. By maintaining alignment during the pulling process, they minimize the risk of shaft distortion or component misalignment, ensuring precise and damage-free extraction.

In summary, the Split Hydraulic Three-Jaw Puller combines practicality, safety, strength, versatility, and the advantages of self-centering pullers to provide an efficient and reliable solution for a diverse range of pulling applications.