Specifications and capabilities of five prominent models: HC516-3K, HC520-3K, HC530-3K, HC550-3K, and SK42-3K.


Capacity: 14 kN (137 kgs)
Maximum Cutting Range: 16 mm
Weight: 8 kgs

Capacity: 22 kN (216 kgs)
Maximum Cutting Range: 20 mm
Weight: 14 kgs

Capacity: 55 kN (539 kgs)
Maximum Cutting Range: 30 mm
Weight: 32 kgs

Capacity: 80 kN (784 kgs)
Maximum Cutting Range: 50 mm
Weight: 80 kgs

Capacity: 55 kN (539 kgs)
Maximum Cutting Range: 42 mm
Weight: 40 kgs
Key Considerations:

Capacity: The cutting capacity varies significantly across models, with the HC550-3K boasting the highest capacity of 80 kN, suitable for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
Maximum Cutting Range: The maximum cutting range determines the thickness of round steel that each cutter can handle. While the HC516-3K and HC520-3K cater to smaller diameters, the HC550-3K can tackle thicker materials up to 50 mm.
Weight: Portability is a crucial factor, especially for on-site applications. The HC516-3K and HC520-3K are the lightest options, weighing 8 kgs and 14 kgs, respectively, making them ideal for mobility.
Application Insights:

HC516-3K and HC520-3K: These lightweight options are suitable for tasks requiring precision cutting in confined spaces or overhead applications.
HC530-3K: With its higher capacity and cutting range, the HC530-3K is well-suited for medium-scale cutting operations in industrial settings.
HC550-3K: The heavy-duty HC550-3K is ideal for demanding applications such as construction, shipbuilding, and metal fabrication, where thicker materials need to be cut.
SK42-3K: Offering a balance between capacity and cutting range, the SK42-3K is versatile and can handle a wide range of round steel sizes.

Hydraulic round steel cutters offer a versatile solution for precise and efficient cutting of round steel in various industrial and construction settings. Understanding the specifications and capabilities of different models allows BUYERS to select the most suitable cutter for their specific applications, whether it’s light-duty precision cutting or heavy-duty industrial operations.