The PGM-L Gasoline Engine Powered Hydraulic Power Pack is a high-performance solution designed to meet the demanding hydraulic power needs of various industrial applications. With its robust construction, versatile output options, and powerful DOV7500 power model, this hydraulic power pack delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Key Features:

Max Working Pressure: 700 bar
Output: Single acting/Double acting
Usable Oil Capacity: 28 liters
High-Pressure Oil Flow: 1.3 L/min
Low-Pressure Oil Flow: 9.25 L/min
Power Model: DOV7500
Dimension: 655 x 375 x 610 mm
Weight: 58 kg
The PGM-L Hydraulic Power Pack offers outstanding performance with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar. It provides a high-pressure oil flow of 1.3 L/min and a low-pressure oil flow of 9.25 L/min, ensuring efficient and precise operation in various hydraulic applications.

With its adjustable output options for single acting or double acting operations, the PGM-L Hydraulic Power Pack is suitable for a wide range of industrial tasks. Whether powering hydraulic tools, lifting heavy loads, or operating machinery, it offers versatility and flexibility to meet diverse hydraulic power needs.

Built with quality components and advanced engineering, the PGM-L Hydraulic Power Pack ensures reliable performance even in the most demanding environments. The powerful DOV7500 power model provides consistent power output, while the robust construction guarantees durability and longevity.

Ease of Use:
Featuring a user-friendly design, the PGM-L Hydraulic Power Pack is easy to operate and maintain. Its compact dimensions and portable design make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, while intuitive controls ensure straightforward operation and quick setup.


Maintenance and repair
The PGM-L Gasoline Engine Powered Hydraulic Power Pack is a dependable and versatile solution for a wide range of industrial hydraulic applications. With its high-pressure oil flow, adjustable output options, and durable construction, it provides reliable and efficient hydraulic power to enhance productivity and performance in various industries.