Longlood presents the 50-Ton Hydraulic Puller Set, a robust and versatile solution designed to tackle the most demanding pulling tasks with ease. Let’s explore the specifications and components of this powerhouse set:

Key Specifications:

Maximum Operating Pressure (bar): 700
Capacity (Ton): 50
Power Source: P-80 Hydraulic Hand Pump
Hydraulic Cylinder: RCH-603
Saddle: HP-5016
Hydraulic Hose: HC-7206
Pressure Gauge: GF813B
Gauge Adapter: GA3
Grip Puller: BHP-552
Cross Bearing Puller: BHP-562
Bearing Cup Puller: BHP-580
Bearing Puller: BHP-582
Wooden Box: CW-750
Weight (Kg): 298
Key Features:

High Capacity: With a maximum pulling capacity of 50 tons, this hydraulic puller set is built to handle heavy-duty pulling tasks effortlessly.

Versatile Power Source: The set comes equipped with a P-80 Hydraulic Hand Pump, providing reliable hydraulic power for smooth and precise operation.

Robust Hydraulic Cylinder: The RCH-603 hydraulic cylinder ensures consistent performance and durability, even under high pressure and heavy loads.

Comprehensive Component Selection: From grip pullers to bearing pullers, each component is carefully selected to provide a complete solution for a wide range of pulling applications.

Precision Monitoring: The included pressure gauge (GF813B) and gauge adapter (GA3) allow for accurate monitoring of hydraulic pressure, ensuring safe and controlled operation.

Secure Storage: All components are neatly housed in a sturdy wooden box (CW-750), providing convenient storage and transportation while protecting the tools from damage.


Removing bearings, gears, and pulleys from shafts
Extracting axles, bushings, and other press-fitted components
Disassembling machinery, engines, and heavy equipment for maintenance or repair
Performing pulling tasks in automotive, manufacturing, construction, and other industrial settings

The 50-Ton Hydraulic Puller Set from Longlood is a reliable and versatile solution for a wide range of pulling tasks in industrial environments. With its high capacity, precision operation, and comprehensive component selection, this set empowers maintenance professionals to tackle even the toughest pulling challenges with confidence. Invest in the Longlood Hydraulic Puller Set to enhance efficiency, minimize downtime, and ensure the success of your maintenance operations.