Introducing the Portable Gasoline-Powered Hydraulic Pump from the PGM Series—a dynamic solution designed to bring unparalleled versatility and performance to various industrial applications. Let’s delve into the features, advantages, and applications of this innovative product, essential for professionals seeking efficient hydraulic operations on the go.

Japanese-Imported Subaru Engine: Ensuring High-Quality Power

At the heart of this portable hydraulic pump lies a Japanese-imported Subaru engine, renowned for its reliability and high-quality performance. This engine guarantees robust power delivery, providing assurance of durability and efficiency in demanding industrial environments.

Lightweight Design for Ultimate Portability

Designed with portability in mind, this hydraulic pump features a lightweight construction that makes it easy to transport and maneuver. Whether it’s on a job site, in a workshop, or for field operations, the compact and lightweight design ensures ease of handling and transport, enhancing mobility and convenience for professionals on the move.

Versatile Operation with Single and Double-Acting Design

Equipped with both single and double-acting capabilities, this hydraulic pump is designed to accommodate a wide range of hydraulic operations. Whether it’s lifting, pressing, or bending, the adaptable design ensures compatibility with various tools and tasks, providing flexibility and efficiency in industrial operations.

Technical Specifications:

Max Working Pressure: 700 bar
Output: Single acting/Double acting
Usable Oil Capacity: 8.5 L
High-Pressure Oil Flow: 0.3 L/min
Low-Pressure Oil Flow: 2.5 L/min
Power Model: EHO035
Dimension: 140 x 240 x 320 mm
Weight: 18.5 kg
Partnering for Industrial Excellence

As suppliers of this advanced hydraulic pump, we are committed to supporting industrial professionals in achieving their goals. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet specific needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering expert guidance, technical support, and personalized service to ensure the success of every project.