The LONGLOOD 20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump Set provides a comprehensive solution for jobs requiring less than 20 tons of capacity. Here’s an overview of its features and components:


Single-Acting Hydraulic Jack (Ram): The hydraulic cylinder, also known as the ram, is capable of exerting a force of up to 20 tons. It operates in a single direction, typically extending under hydraulic pressure.
Two-Speed Pump: The hand-operated hydraulic pump offers two-speed settings for efficient operation. It allows users to select between high-pressure and low-pressure settings based on the requirements of the task.
6-Foot Hose: The included hose provides flexibility and reach, enabling convenient connection between the pump and the hydraulic cylinder.
Calibrated Gauge: A calibrated pressure gauge is included to accurately measure the hydraulic pressure being applied during operations. This allows for precise control and monitoring of the hydraulic system.
Gauge Adaptor: The gauge adaptor facilitates easy connection between the pressure gauge and the hydraulic system, ensuring accurate pressure readings.

Ideal Applications:

Automotive Repair:

Suitable for tasks such as lifting vehicles, pressing bearings, or straightening frames in automotive repair shops.
Machinery Maintenance: Useful for maintenance and repair operations on heavy machinery and equipment in industrial settings.
Construction Projects: Handy for tasks involving lifting heavy structural components or aligning steel beams during construction projects.
Farm and Agricultural Use: Useful for various tasks on the farm, such as lifting equipment or performing repairs on agricultural machinery.

Versatile: Offers a versatile solution for a wide range of tasks requiring up to 20 tons of force.
Compact and Portable: The set is portable and easy to transport, allowing for use in various locations.
Efficient Operation: The two-speed pump provides efficient operation, allowing users to adjust the pressure based on the specific requirements of the task.
Precise Control: The calibrated gauge enables precise control and monitoring of hydraulic pressure, ensuring safe and accurate operations.
Overall, the LONGLOOD 20 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and Pump Set provides a reliable and efficient solution for tasks requiring up to 20 tons of capacity, making it a valuable addition to any workshop or job site.