The CLRG10002 with a maximum operating pressure of 700 bar and a capacity class of 1000 tons, it stands ready to take on the most demanding tasks with ease. Its 50mm stroke ensures precise control, while its solid plunger design and CR40 material construction guarantee durability and reliability in the face of heavy loads.

Built to Last: Features That Define Excellence
The CLRG10002 is more than just brute force; it’s a testament to meticulous engineering and thoughtful design. Let’s explore some of its standout features:

Interchangeable Saddles: Versatility is key, and the CLRG10002 delivers with hardened grooved saddles that allow for gripping various components securely.
Plunger Wiper: Contamination is the enemy of longevity, but with a plunger wiper, the CLRG10002 keeps its internals clean, ensuring a longer service life.
Integral Stopping Ring: Safety is paramount, and the CLRG10002 incorporates an integral stopping ring to provide piston blow-out protection, adding an extra layer of safety.
Hydraulic Return: Efficiency is at the core of the CLRG10002’s design, featuring double-acting with hydraulic return for seamless operation in both directions.
Corrosion Resistance: Harsh environments are no match for the CLRG10002, thanks to its baked enamel finish, which enhances corrosion resistance and durability.
Base Mounting Holes: Installation is a breeze with base mounting holes provided for easy fixturing, simplifying integration into industrial setups.
Safety Valve: Accidents happen, but the CLRG10002 is prepared with a safety valve on the retract side to prevent damage in case of accidental over-pressurization.
Hardened and Chromed Piston: Wear and corrosion are mitigated with a hardened and chromed piston, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.
Alloy Steel Guide Ring: Over-travel is eliminated, and wear from off-center loads is reduced, thanks to the alloy steel guide ring that provides support.
High Strength Composite Bearing: Off-center loads are handled with ease, supported by the high-strength composite bearing that prevents damage to the cylinder walls.
Industrial U-Cup Style Seal: Leaks are a thing of the past with the industrial U-cup style seal, ensuring efficient and leak-free operation.

WEIGHT(KG)Capacity Ton
CLRG-502507738.53851921621750 T
CLRG-5041007738.57703852122050 T
CLRG-5061507738.511555772622350 T
CLRG-5082007738.515407703122750 T
CLRG-50102507738.519249623623150 T
CLRG-50123007738.5230911554123450 T
CLRG-100250132.761.966430917929100 T
CLRG-1004100132.761.9132761922934100 T
CLRG-1006150132.761.9199192827940100 T
CLRG-1008200132.761.92655123732946100 T
CLRG-10010250132.761.93318154637952100 T
CLRG-10012300132.761.93982185642958100 T
CLRG-150250198.696.599348219639150 T
CLRG-1504100198.696.5198696524652150 T
CLRG-1506150198.696.52978144729665150 T
CLRG-1508200198.696.53971193034678150 T
CLRG-15010250198.696.54964241239692150 T
CLRG-15012300198.696.559572895446105150 T
CLRG-200250265.9127133063521255200 T
CLRG-2006150265.91273989190531291200 T
CLRG-20012300265.912779773809462146200 T
CLRG-250250366.4152.6183276323589250 T
CLRG-2506150366.4152.654972289335136250 T
CLRG-25012300366.4152.6109934578485207250 T
CLRG-300250456.2151.42281757322184300 T
CLRG-3006150456.2151.468432270422232300 T
CLRG-30012300456.2151.4136854541572303300 T
CLRG-400250559.9193.52800967374270400 T
CLRG-4006150559.9193.583992902474330400 T
CLRG-40012300559.9193.5167975804624421400 T
CLRG-500250730.6247.636531238419401500 T
CLRG-5006150730.6247.6109593713519480500 T
CLRG-50012300730.6247.6219187427669599500 T
CLRG-600250855.3295.442761477429474600 T
CLRG-6006150855.3295.4128294431529565600 T
CLRG-60012300855.3295.4256598862679701600 T
CLRG-8002501176.338758811935484741800 T
CLRG-80061501176.3387176445806584868800 T
CLRG-800123001176.338735288116117341058800 T
CLRG-10002501465.7541.77329270956410621000 T
CLRG-100061501465.7541.721986812666412131000 T
CLRG-1000123001465541.7439721625281414391000 T