Double Acting Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders, exemplified by the RAR Series, are versatile hydraulic actuators designed for various industrial applications. Here are key features and specifications of the RAR-Series:

General-Purpose Double Acting Design: The RAR-Series is engineered as a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, providing the capability for controlled movement in both extending and retracting strokes. This design enhances versatility and precision in applications.

Lightweight Aluminum Construction: These cylinders are constructed from lightweight aluminum, combining strength and portability. The use of aluminum makes the cylinders suitable for applications where weight is a critical consideration.

Application Versatility: RAR cylinders are designed for use in a range of industrial applications, including production, maintenance, and fabrication tasks. The double-acting functionality makes them adaptable to scenarios requiring bidirectional hydraulic force.

Bolt-On Removable Hardened Steel Saddles: All RAR cylinders feature bolt-on removable saddles made from hardened steel. This design enhances durability and allows for easy replacement or customization based on specific application requirements.

Wide Range of Capacities: The cylinders are available in various capacities, providing users with options ranging from 20 tons to 150 tons. This range allows for the selection of the appropriate capacity based on specific load or force requirements.

Adjustable Stroke Length: The cylinders offer adjustable stroke lengths, ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm. The adjustable stroke feature provides flexibility, allowing users to customize the cylinder’s performance based on different operational needs.