The CLL-Series is a specialized design of hydraulic cylinders characterized by a threaded piston rod and lock ring. This unique design allows for the mechanical holding of loads over extended periods when the lock ring is screwed down and engaged with the cylinder body. The CLL-Series cylinders are particularly well-suited for bridge construction and maintenance, as well as jacking applications where safe extended load holding is required. Here are the key features of the CLL-Series:

Key Features:

Threaded Piston Rod and Lock Ring Design: The CLL-Series is distinguished by its threaded piston rod and lock ring mechanism. This design allows for secure mechanical load holding when the lock ring is engaged with the cylinder body. It provides a reliable means of holding loads for extended durations.

Extended Load Holding for Safety: The ability to mechanically hold loads for extended periods is a critical feature, especially in applications such as bridge construction and maintenance, where safety and stability are paramount. This design ensures that the load remains secure over time.

Ideal for Bridge Construction and Maintenance: The CLL-Series cylinders are specifically well-suited for use in bridge construction and maintenance projects. The capability for safe extended load holding makes them valuable in applications where precision and stability are essential.

Jacking Applications: These cylinders are designed to excel in jacking applications where controlled and secure lifting is required. The threaded piston rod and lock ring allow for precise positioning and sustained load support.

Corrosion-Resistant Construction: To enhance durability and longevity, all CLL-Series cylinders feature a hard chrome bore. This construction provides maximum corrosion resistance, ensuring the reliability of the cylinder in various environments.

The CLL-Series offers a specialized solution for applications that demand both hydraulic force and the ability to mechanically hold loads securely for extended periods. As with any hydraulic equipment, it is crucial to adhere to manufacturer guidelines, perform regular maintenance, and prioritize safety protocols to ensure optimal performance and safety in industrial settings.