Our double-acting hydraulic puller system is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, providing a safe and secure grip for various applications. Key features include:

Double-Acting Hydraulic System: Our system allows for holding, opening, and closing jaws with precision, ensuring a secure grip on the workpiece at all times. This design enhances efficiency and safety during operation.

Single-Acting, Spring-Return Cylinder: With a 50-ton capacity cylinder, our puller system offers robust force for demanding tasks. The single-acting, spring-return mechanism ensures reliable performance and ease of use.

Self-Centering Design: The puller jaws feature a self-centering design, ensuring even clamping on the workpiece. This feature enhances stability and accuracy during pulling operations.

Easy Jaw Head Adjusting System: Our puller system incorporates an easy jaw head adjusting system to prevent the puller jaws from sliding. This design feature streamlines setup and enhances overall efficiency.

Configurable Jaw Assembly: The puller can be assembled in either a 2 or 3 jaw configuration, offering versatility to accommodate various workpiece geometries and sizes.

Adjustable Positioning: Our puller system allows for 5-degree adjustments up or down from the puller centerline, enabling precise positioning for optimal performance.

Castors for Mobility: Equipped with castors, our puller system offers easy cart movement, providing convenience and flexibility in workshop environments.

Electric Pump Options: The system includes an electric pump with options for 220VAC single-phase or 380VAC three-phase operation. This ensures compatibility with different power supplies and enhances usability.

Includes 4 Extensions: Additionally, our puller system comes with 4 extensions, offering added versatility and reach for a wide range of pulling applications.

Overall, our double-acting hydraulic puller system combines robust construction, precise functionality, and user-friendly features to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications with ease and efficiency.