The RAC Series represents a versatile and lightweight solution for hydraulic applications, particularly in production, maintenance, and fabrication settings. Here are the key features and specifications of the RAC-Series:

General-Purpose Lightweight Design: The RAC-Series is designed as a lightweight aluminum cylinder, making it well-suited for general-purpose applications. The use of aluminum enhances portability and ease of handling.

Application Versatility: These cylinders find utility in a range of industrial applications, including production processes, maintenance tasks, and fabrication operations. The general-purpose design makes them adaptable to various scenarios.

Bolt-On Removable Hardened Steel Saddles: All RAC cylinders are equipped with bolt-on removable saddles made from hardened steel. This feature adds durability to the cylinder and facilitates easy replacement or customization based on specific application requirements.

Wide Range of Capacities: The RAC-Series offers a variety of capacities, ranging from 20 tons to 150 tons. This range allows users to select the appropriate capacity based on the specific load or force requirements of their applications.

Adjustable Stroke Length: These cylinders are available with adjustable stroke lengths, ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm. The adjustable stroke feature provides flexibility, allowing users to tailor the cylinder’s performance to the demands of different tasks.

Versatile Sizing Options: The availability of various capacities and stroke lengths ensures that users can choose the right-sized cylinder for their specific needs. This versatility enhances the applicability of the RAC-Series in diverse industrial scenarios.

Ease of Installation and Removal: The bolt-on removable saddles contribute to the ease of installation and removal of the cylinder. This feature simplifies maintenance tasks and allows for efficient reconfiguration based on changing operational requirements.

Durable Aluminum Construction: The use of aluminum in the construction of the cylinder provides a balance of strength and lightness. Aluminum’s inherent resistance to corrosion is advantageous in industrial environments.

The RAC-Series is designed to offer a lightweight yet robust hydraulic solution for a broad range of industrial applications. The combination of aluminum construction, bolt-on steel saddles, and variable capacities/stroke lengths makes these cylinders versatile and adaptable to the dynamic needs of production, maintenance, and fabrication processes. As with any hydraulic equipment, users should follow LONGLOOD guidelines, perform regular maintenance, and prioritize safety practices during operation.