A Double-Acting Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinder is a specialized hydraulic actuator with distinctive features. Here are key characteristics of this type of hydraulic cylinder:

Double-Acting Design: The cylinder is designed to exert force in both the extending and retracting strokes. Hydraulic pressure is applied to both sides of the piston, allowing for controlled movements in both directions. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring precision and speed.

Hollow Piston: The piston features a hollow design, allowing a rod or cable to be inserted through the entire body length. This unique feature enhances the versatility of the cylinder, enabling it to be used for tasks such as tensioning, load testing, bush extracting, and maintenance.

Versatility in Applications: The double-acting hollow plunger cylinder is well-suited for a range of applications where both pushing and pulling forces are required. The ability to insert a rod or cable through the hollow piston extends its functionality to tasks that involve tensioning, extracting, and testing loads.

Speed of Operation: The double-acting design contributes to faster operation, which is advantageous when longer stroke cylinders are needed. This feature enhances efficiency in applications where quick and controlled movements are essential.

Base Mounting Holes: All cylinders in this range come equipped with base mounting holes. This feature facilitates easy and secure mounting of the cylinder to a fixed surface or structure, ensuring stability during operation.

Common Applications: These cylinders are commonly employed in tasks such as tensioning cables, conducting load tests, extracting bushings, and various maintenance applications. The hollow piston design allows for the passage of a rod or cable, adding to its versatility.

Precision and Control: The double-acting mechanism, combined with the hollow plunger, provides precise control over the hydraulic force exerted by the cylinder. This is crucial for applications that demand accuracy and controlled movements.

The Double Acting Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinder is a versatile and efficient solution for applications requiring bidirectional force and the capability to insert a rod or cable through the piston. As with any hydraulic equipment, it is important to follow LONGLOOD guidelines, conduct regular maintenance, and adhere to safety protocols to ensure optimal performance and safety in industrial applications.